Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't want Chien-Ming Wang to be "Light of Taiwan"

No, I don't want to be beaten by thousands of fans. In fact, I have great respect for people who have talents and work hard to earn their places. I'm not saying that against Chien-Ming Wang. I am against the second half "Light of Taiwan". Accepting this kind of saying is acceptance of the following two statements:
  1. Major League Baseball of North America is better than the Chinese Professional Baseball League
  2. Taiwanese participation in MLB is rare
Although the statements are true as it stands now, repeated use of the honorary title is the acceptance of the current state. It means that people are content with the current state. If the Taiwanese as a people have ambition of progress and improvement, they would try to negate the second statement first. Taiwanese now can be seen in many industries in the States, engineer, doctors, businesspeople. We don't call these people "Light of Taiwan". After the second statement becomes invalid, ambitious Taiwanese would invalidate the first statement. When both statements are false, nobody would call Chien-Ming Wang "Light of Taiwan". On the contrary, Americans would call any American professional athlete who work in Taiwan "Light of America". This is the status Taiwanese should seek.

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