Friday, January 05, 2007


Sometime people ask me what I do during my free time. I've always been busy as Wikipedia for the past few months. Why and how? Because the tasks are like ever-expanding tree. In layman's term, 1 task leads to a few others, and they in turn lead to more. This is part of what I've done today

  • I found out that Kyrgyz banknotes are not eligible for copyright (So are banknotes from other ex-USSR republics).
  • Someone else has already uploaded some Kyrgyz banknote images. But I have better ones. So I upload them.
  • For the ones I got from, I had to tag them properly with their sources as dictated by the Wikipedia policy.
  • So I needed to make a template so that the same tag can be reused.
  • There were existing tags, but they were all over the places. I needed to clean them up.
  • On the English Wikipedia, I categorized these tags.
  • I repeated that on Wikipedia Commons, which is a image depository for Wiki in all languages.
  • Finished the upload
  • Requested the inferior images for deletion

This is just for Kyrgyzstan.

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